Masterminds Indian Rivers Game

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A FUNLEARNING BOARD GAME created with the theme of Indian Rivers and their conservation!
  • Family fun non stop play
  • Unique Birthday gift
  • Return gifts
  • School library
  • Environmental awareness
  • Decision making
  • Fun Math and Financial awareness
  • Environmental friendly business simulation

The INDIAN RIVERS GAME is a fun board game created around Indian rivers and their conservation. The players get to buy the rights to maintain the rivers & use the resources of rivers in an environmentally conscious way. They get rewards for water conservation and other environment friendly practices. They pay fine for pulluting or harming the waterbodies.

  1. Place all the pages on START.
  2. Divide the currency notes equally amongst all the participantsincluding banker.
    E.g. If 4 players are participating then divide all notes into 5 equal parts. 1 part will go to each player and 1 part will be deposited with the bank.
  3. Keep any extra notes with the bank.
  4. The youngest player starts the game by rolling the dice.
  5. On arriving at the corresponding river the player may buy the mainttenance rights to a particular river.
  6. When a player lands on a 'Natural Phenomenon' or a 'Government Policy' space, the number on the dice will decide the amount of profit/rewards or loss/fine as per the board rules.
  7. If a player rolls a double, he or she gets another chance and can roll again.
  8. If a player has all the cards of a color set only then can he or she launch a boat service on the rivers of that color set, if landed on, only one at a time.
  9. To launch a boat service of any type the player has to pay half the fees originally paid for buying the rights of maintenance for that river. Example: If you want to launch a Shikara or Row Boat on River Ganga, you have to pay Rs. 5250/- each time.
  10. If a player rolls a double 3 times then he has to go to FREEZE.
  11. When a player arrives on a river maintained by another player, he will have to pay the specified fees to use the facilities built by that player as mentioned on each card.
  12. The game ends when any one player builds 2 different sets of rivercards & starts a solar boat service on any one river. Alternatively the player can dicide their own end point before starting the game.
  13. 4 Special Reward Cards open in 4 special conditions.

Let's cherish our natural water resources and enjoy the game created around them!!!
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